There’s no denying the effect of a good online reputation on your bottom line. Countless clients have enjoyed increased sales since making reputation management a priority. We’re already sending out review requests to your new customers, but what if there was a way to solicit reviews from your customer while they are still in-store? ReviewMyDryCleaner’s check-in feature allows you to do just that so you can target each and every customer that walks through your door and ask them for a review. Read on to learn why you should start using the check-in feature at all your stores.

What is it?

The check-in feature is a webpage on the RMDC dashboard that allows you to instantly send an email or text message to your clients with a link to leave a review. The best part? There is no additional fee to access this feature!

How Do I Use It?

We recommend keeping the check-in link saved on the desktop on your front desk computers. Then, train your CSRs to leave it running behind your POS for easy access when interacting with customers. All you need to do is enter customer information into the form, click “Check-In”, and within minutes they will receive an email/and or text message with a link to leave a review. We’ve created branded SMS images for your company that will accompany the text message so your clients will trust the link is not spam.

Does it Actually Work?

Most customers are happy to leave reviews when prompted, but life gets in the way and by the time they get home they’ve forgotten all about their excellent dry cleaning experience. The check-in link allows customers to write the review immediately, while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Comet Cleaners from San Antonio, TX, implemented the check-in feature in all their stores to boost their review count. They increased their total review count by nearly 500 reviews and saw a 128% increase in their Google reviews – in 2 months alone! In the beginning, they noticed only some stores were actually increasing their review count, despite implementing the check-in feature at all locations. Visits to each store revealed that the stores which were succeeding were the stores in which the CSR took the time to walk the customer through the process and explain that they would be receiving a link to leave a review.

To find the check-in feature on the RMDC dashboard, watch this quick tutorial:

Want to test it out? “Check-in” to ReviewMyDryCleaner using the link below to test out the instant SMS feature and let us know your feedback on our reputation management services!