3 Easy Ways To Start the Best Dry Cleaning Plan

Solicit Reviews

Don’t be scared to request reviews – most people are happy to give their feedback when you ask. Don’t pay for reviews, as that is unethical, but rather try a more genuine approach of obtaining feedback to improve your business. Your regular customers will surely give you a positive review, boosting your overall rating, and it offers unhappy customers the opportunity to start the conversation in a sincere manner.

Respond Immediately

The value of online reputation is not only in those glowing 5-star reviews, but in your prompt response to the negative ones. Every negative review is an opportunity – an opportunity to learn about your business’ shortcomings, as well as an opportunity to convert a frustrated customer into a loyal advocate for your excellent customer service. An immediate and understanding management response to a bad review can re-engage that customer and change their initial impression, and often times, even their review. Reach out to them ASAP, listen to what they have to say, and then try to fix it.

Leverage Your Feedback

Many businesses hire secret shoppers to come into their stores to figure out how they can improve. With online review sites, however, every customer is a free secret shopper observing your business and providing their feedback. Don’t let that go to waste! Use their comments to identify any ongoing patterns and make the necessary changes to grow.

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